Phrathat Charoen Dham Cave or Bo Pla Cave

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ถ้ำพระธาตุเจริญธรรมหรือถ้ำบ่อปลาAttraction Details :
There are 3 atria in this cave. In the first cave section, a pond teems with myriad fish. In the second, stalactites and stalagmites form shapes said to be similar to deities known as KuanImBodhissatva and HokLokSio, the three Chinese gods. The remaining atrium is actually a myriad of smaller caves, with coral reef-like stone formations. The cave can only be visited during the dry season. In addition, within the cave sits LuangphoYai, a stucco Buddha image covered with black lacquer and gold leaf from the Ayutthaya period. In the rear two more large caves can be found: Tham Sam Khao and ThamThepPrathan.
There are two routes to get there. Drive for 12 kilometers from Saraburi town along Mittraphap Road and turn left to KaengKhoi District through the market. Continue for 8 kilometers over the Adireksan Bridge. Alternatively, drive for 15 kilometers from the town along Highway No. 1 to PhuKhaeWitthaya School and then drive for 10 kilometers on the PhuKhae-KaengKhoi Road.

The cave is only open on weekends from 8.00 am-6.00 pm.

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